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Friederike Jäger is an experimental-electronic sound project based in Berlin. Jäger collects samples of animal-sounds, scapes and melodic instruments, combines them with live drums and fragmental visuals - visually and sonic - everything is in between the pure material and digital manipulation. This music genre contains 40% experimental dance-music, 40% science fiction movie-sounds and 20% animal-documentary.  

» Friederike Jäger likes collages a lot. Not only visually but also in her musical compositions. When you think you know what it is it probably isn't. Her sci-fi experimental electronica lives just right around the corner of heavy beats and mingles with wild and bizarre animals. It's like dancing at a really weird party...« (Sad Mermaid, 2018)

I work with samples and put all fragments together in a pre-arranged live Set. 
For a concert-improvisation I play the live Set and add live drums.
In this mobile construction I can transform my Sets and manipulate them - it’s like building figures out of different materials (collage). Parallel to this fragmental construction I play the drums to stretch the grooves, find new transitions between the scenes and highlight special loops. Added drums can mainly be heard in a live-improvisation, not so much in my previous releases. Live-Set and drums connected results in an experiment.

» Composition and decomposition are two of Jäger’s current methods, not only in her graphic work that mostly contains painting/ drawing, but also in her audio-pieces. Similar to her visual processing of situations through her sketches, she collects fragments of sound and establishes her own achive of sound. She reworks and manipulates sounds digitally and live and composes tracks and pieces out of them. With these arrangements she creates sound performances and live-soundtracks.« (Puschendorf, 2014)



Friederike Jäger