By time I make hundreds of small A6_A5_A4 drawings and paintings, sometimes mixed with some materials. It is like an open sketch-book and a small work at the same time. They give me the chance to act and draw faster than on canvas, but still to archive them and seperate them at the same time - combine them to build a new story-line or a context. It is like a card-game you play with mostly A5 drawings. If showed, they can tell and give a glimpse on »methods of painting« or even conjugate compositions. So for me it is a fresh method and the humour is more situative than a constructed theme on canvas. 

Some cards point out specific situations I enjoy or hate. It is a way to express a relationship between the real world and the fictional subject to step out of a situation or to create a fictional situation and make it readable for myself and others. Many cards are exaggerated inventions and combinations of opposites to dig in the possibilities of my humour and to discover the ways of formulating. Topics like alienation and the salvation of studying animals as friends, aliens and parts of the soul, might be continual motive.


Small notes on life.



A continuous importance for an artist is to clearify a position in the world. #selfportrait

Friederike Jäger